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Narooma Pilates classes are mat work based, and use small apparatus such as bands, small balls, bolsters and pilates circles.

With Daisy's background in physiology, dance and barre, and with 22 years of pilates experience (10 years teaching), classes centre on traditional Pilates techniques with a variety of dance-based stretching and strengthening movements.


Pilates is a complete body workout, training smaller and larger muscle groups, increasing flexibility, and promoting mindfulness and body awareness through movement.

Each class contains a variety of exercises for specific areas including abdominal/core, glutes, legs and hips, upper and lower back, and shoulders and arms.


Narooma Pilates now offers single and duo classes to give you a more personalised workout. Focusing on the individuals needs, these classes are able to give you more than large group pilates workouts offer. Start your reformer experience with a compulsory orientation to learn how to operate your reformer, go through a workout based on traditional pilates reformer movement, and have a one on one assessment with your instructor to design a plan to personalise your workout to achieve your goals.

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